Day 1 Task0 Introduction
Day 2 Task1 Stratagic position
Day 3 Task2 Stakeholders
Day 4 Task3 Mission and ethics
Day 5 Task4 Culture
Day 6 Task5 Environmental Issues
Day 7 Task6 Competitors and Markets
Day 8 Task7 Strategic Capability
Day 9 Task8 Knowledge
Day 10 Task9 Value System
Day 11 Task10 SWOT
Day 12 Task11 Objectives
Day 13 Task12 Strategic Options and Choices
Day 14 Task13 Methods of growth
Day 15 Task14 Options for product development
Day 16 Task15 Diversification
Day 17 Task16 The role of the corporate parent
Day 18 Task17 Evaluation of strategic options
Day 19 Task18 Managing for Value
Day 20 Task19 Varinance analysis
Day 21 Task20 Decision making techniques
Day 22 Task21 Ratio analysis
Day 23 Task22 Linear regression
Day 24 Task23 Time series analysis
Day 25 Task24 Decision tree
Day 26 Task25 Marketing Overview
Day 27 Task26 Marketing Mix
Day 28 Task27 Price
Day 29 Task28 Market research
Day 30 Task29 Benchmarking
Day 31 Task30 Balance scorecard
Day 32 Task31 Critical success factor
Day 33 Task32 Process change
Day 34 Task33 Harman's process-strategy matrix
Day 35 Task34 Process redesign
Day 36 Task35 Acquiring software
Day 37 Task36 E-Business overview
Day 38 Task37 IT application on value chain
Day 39 Task38 Restructuring the supply chain
Day 40 Task39 E-marketing
Day 41 Task40 The HR cycle
Day 42 Task41 Organisational structure
Day 43 Task42 Organisational configuration
Day 44 Task43 Motivation
Day 45 Task44 Project overview
Day 46 Task45 Stages of project
Day 47 Task46 Business case
Day 48 Task47 Project plan
Day 49 Task48 Project slippage
Day 50 Task49 Project gateways
Day 51 Task50 Project completion report
Day 52 Task51 Balogun and Hope Hailey's Kaleidoscope of change
Day 53 Task52 Lewin's force field analysis
Day 54 Revision
Day 55 Syllabus
Day 56 Exam techniques






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